Install, build and launch Mirabelle

Build Mirabelle

In order to build Mirabelle, you need to install:

  • Leiningen, the Clojure build tool.
  • Java. Mirabelle is tested under Java 17 (LTS).

Then, clone the Mirabelle Git repository. You can now build the project with lein uberjar.

The resulting jar will be in target/uberjar/mirabelle-<version>-standalone.jar

Launch mirabelle

Using Java

Mirabelle needs a configuration file. The path to this configuration file should be referenced by the MIRABELLE_CONFIGURATION environment variable.

Releases are available on Github.

You can then run Mirabelle by launching java -jar mirabelle.jar.

Using Docker

Let’s say your I/O are in /etc/mirabelle/io, your EDN (compiled) streams in /etc/mirabelle/streams, your configuration file in /etc/mirabelle/config.edn. The configuration file contains:

{:tcp {:host ""
       :port 5555
       :native? true}
 :http {:host ""
        :port 5558}
 :stream {:directories ["/streams"]
          :actions {}}
 :io {:directories ["/io"]
      :custom {}}
 :logging {:level "info"
           :console {:encoder :json}}}

You should now be able to launch Mirabelle using Docker (you can check the Docker hub to get the latest release):

docker run -p 5555:5555 -p 5558:5558 \
-v /etc/mirabelle/io:/io \
-v /etc/mirabelle/streams:/streams \
-v /etc/mirabelle/config.edn:/config/config.edn \
-e MIRABELLE_CONFIGURATION=/config/config.edn \

Using Leiningen

lein run should work. The configuration used is the file dev/resources/config.edn. You should replace the path in this file by your own paths.